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A Special Place In Hell

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From Wikipedia:
On 10 April 2010, a Tupolev Tu-154 aircraft of the Polish Air Force crashed near the city of Smolensk, Russia, killing all 96 people on board. Among the victims were the President of Poland Lech Kaczyński and his wife Maria, the former President of Poland in exileRyszard Kaczorowski, the chief of the Polish General Staff and other senior Polish military officers, the president of the National Bank of PolandPolish Government officials, 18 members of the Polish Parliament, senior members of the Polish clergy and relatives of victims of the Katyn massacre.

In 2010 a dominant (or potentially dominant) Catholic/Nationist faction in the Polish parliament was effectively wiped out. This was not an unwelcome event for opposing political interests including, as the photographs above demonstrate, Vladimir Putin, then-Polish-President Bronislaw Komorowski and one clearly delightful little fellow by the name of Donald Tusk.

In 2018, now that Russia has been clearly defined as an enemy of the west, the British press printed evidence that the Smolensk crash was actually an act of mass murder that could be laid at the door of Russian Intelligence Services. 

"Conspiracy" lunatics (like yours truly) have been saying this since details of the crash emerged but, hey, now that this is the kind of information is good for the West's chosen "Putin is the Devil" narrative, our own media have come round to taking the conspiracists' point of view.

Whatever about Putin, the pictures above crystallise exactly why many of us want out of the EU. 

We do not want to be led by Donald Tusk, nor the likes of Donald Tusk..

We had had more than enough of being governed by unelected, remote, grinning psychopaths.

If these photographs and their context do not cause 'Remainers' to stop and think, then nothing will.

Sensible people call for:




If we leave without a deal some will unfortunately pay a disproportionate economic price, in the short term at least. 

We would also be naive to think that our collective situation will automatically improve in any significant way, though there is no reason it should not in the medium and long term.

We will still be governed by (slightly less) remote, grinning psychopaths. 

We will still be ruled by their globalist, debt-issuing masters.

However, because the public are waking up to the undeniable nature of the great and the good that dominate our affairs, we can at least harbour the hope that we might begin to deal with our government and their MSM helpers via conventional electoral processes. 

It is unlikely that the real decision-makers, our slithering rulers, will ever have to face earthly justice ('Justice is Mine', sayeth the Lord) but if we can remove, or even wake up (for these are people like ourselves) the puppets that willingly serve them, then the forces against which we truly struggle will have lost everything.


Wednesday, 30 January 2019


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The great crime that was 9/11 was conceived and initiated by a matrix encompassing and (politically) led by the NeoCon think-tank that called itself the "Project for the New American Century". This organisation published a document entitled "Rebuilding Anerica's Defences" in which it openly recommended that the USA should pursue "total global military domination". The document also said that attending to such a goal would be difficult without, "... some catastrophic and catalysing event - like a new Pearl Harbour." 

(watch this excellent "9/11 War Promises" documentary)

As we all know, the Neocons got their 'new Pearl Harbour' and as a result young Americans were posted all over the Middle East to fight and die to establish this domination. But whose interests did all these wars serve? Certainly not the interests of the American people. 

As with the Bolsheviks in Russia, the NeoCons CARE NOTHING about the well-being of ordinary Americans. The Trump presidency has demonstrated clearly that these people HATE ordinary Americans.

This is so obvious it is not worth arguing the case.

The NeoCons are Trotskyists. They are neither Conservatives nor 'Democrats'. They are an alien force that infiltrated a political system and succesfully took it over.


Similarly in the UK and across the EU citizens are understanding that their own rulers are not concerned about the best interests of their own citizens. Senior politicians demonstrate that they are primarily interested in the globalist project they have been charged with imposing on their subject peoples.

Brexit, Les Gilets Jaunes etc. are manifestations of the public's growing awareness of this reality. 

There is no reverse gear to this process. Truth cannot be unlearned.

As with the Bolsheviks feelings towards ordinary Russians ...


They don't care about us AT ALL (except in as much as we are a potential threat to their own hegemony).

Not all ordinary politicians and media figures of the governing* (i.e. mind-controlling) 'priest class' understand this. Many are as brainwashed (and misinformed) as the majority of the people they represent.

But even some politicians and media commentators appear to be learning. 

The collective unconscious is shifting.


Full awareness to follow.

*govern- = control
-ment (from mens/mentis) = mind


Sunday, 27 January 2019

A Reflection On Holocaust Memorial Day

It is difficult to doubt that the fundamental structure that rules over us is as described to FSB (KGB) students here by Professor E. Victor Alekseyevich, Rector of St.Petersburg State Agrarian University:

We have rulers who direct everything from above visible systems of governance. The professor calls these overlords "The Conceptual Power". 
Societies have always, since Egyptian times, been governed by "the Priest Class". Today this priest class consists of elected politicians, the media, think tank spokespersons etc supported by a subordinate Deaconry (teachers, social workers, the Civil Service etc.)

The gabblers in the public square are responsible for governing our minds ... but they do not rule.

There are links between the rulers and the government .. most obvious example being Lord Levy, the "Lord moneybags" permantly attached to Tony Blair, who told Mr Blair what he had to do.


It appears that "The Jewish People", as a concept, is an important instrument of our rulers, the Conceptual over-power. The mind-mugger that is "The Jewish People" has been spiritually engineered to act as a sword and a human shield for the ruling elite. If we want to attack or get at this elite in any way we have to go through the Jewish people. 

"The Jewish People" is a virtual weaponised wall surrounding and protecting the warmongering earth-stealing Satanic power that all well-intentioned people abhor. This problem (for us) is a psychological nightmare dreamscape, an ethical double-bind created by fiends channeling a spirit of Luciferian genius. We are faced with a new world religion against which blasphemy will result in an individual's maximal ruin. In many countries heresy leads directly to a prison cell, as we all know.

The Jewish people cannot be blamed collectively for this. They are as much victims of this spell as we are and, like most of the rest of us, they believe the great lie on which this religion is founded.
Some of the narrative re WW2 genocide of Jews is true but the central claim, certainly regarding Auschwitz, is easily proven to be false. 

The element that prevents the Jewish tragedy being a run-of-the-mill genocide (i.e. motivated by either revenge* or theft, like all the others) is the 'industrialied extinction of a race narrative', the "human gas chambers".

This is the nightmare fantasy (as Nick Kollerstrom calls it) that must not be doubted. Thus today, the concept of the  suffering of "The Jewish People" has displaced the innocent suffering Christ at the heart of our new world religion. 

The "human gas chambers" is The new Cross and Auschwitz is the new Calvary and the entire narrative that is the new world religion has been created by the very people Christ condemned over and over again before his own Jewish people as being, 

"Liars!", "Of Satan!"

If we attempt to 'call out' our rulers, the true perpetrators of 9/11 and 7/7, the directors of every 'Security Services' outrage, the creators of all our wars, then we cannot avoid noticing and mentioning the role of prominent Zionist Jews in all these horrors. 

Immediately we are "anti-Semites". 

We attack the new Christ.

This is genius indeed.

For those who still might not have investigated the issue at the core of the new world religion, below is a list of basic points relating to 'Auschwitz human gas chambers', the ruling elite's most powerful weapon of enslavement against all humanity:

1) The corpses of people who have died from cyanide (Zyklon gas) poisoning are bright pink/red (Google image it). This is a FACT. 
There is not one single "eyewitness" who reported seeing such corpses in spite of the fact that there should have been one million+ of them in transit through the camp if we accept the establishment narrative. Furthermore the "eyewitnesses" whose testimony has been published report seeing the "blue" bodies of the gas chamber victims. That alone proves that these "eyewitnesses" are liars.
2) The real gas chamber at Auschwitz (which still exists but 'tourists' are not shown) is small (10m^3) and was used for killing the lice on clothes that spread typhoid amongst the inmates (it killed about 60,000 inmates in the late summers of '42 and '43). So we are supposed to believe that there was one gas chamber for killing inmates and another for keeping them healthy?
3) The ferrocyanide level in the real (hygenic) gas chamber has been measured to be 5000 parts per million. The walls of this chamber are turquoise (the colour of the ferrocyanide) to this very day. The chemical evidence persists. The walls of the alleged "human gas chamber" contains 2/3 ppm, the same as dormitories and kitchens. This has been measured by serious professional chemists. In fact young Jewish researcher, David Cole, forced the Auschwitz museum director to admit that the "human gas chamber" shown to tourists had been built between 1946 and 1948 by the Soviets. i.e. AFTER the war.
4) Carlo Mottagno, an Italian researcher examined the coke delivery records at Auschwitz and, because the amount of coke required to incinerate a body in a crematorium is known, he worked out how many corpses could have been cremated by this volume of coke. His results showed approximate equivalence (no contradiction) between the possible numbers and the numbers of cremations/deaths recorded in the OFFICIAL Auschwitz records. (bodies could not be buried because Auschwitz is at the confluence of three rivers and the water table is very high so the bodies would have polluted water supplies). 
5) The Head of the British Secret Services, one Mr. Cavendish-Bentinck, wrote to the BBC in 1943 asking them to stop broadcasting the "human gas chambers" war propaganda for which "there is no evidence" because this horror story was undermining propaganda relating to real German atrocities that the Secret Services were broadcasting.
The Letter**:
6) There is NOT ONE SINGLE document or material fact that supports the nightmare "human gas chambers" narrative as "Holocaust" world-expert Raul Hilberg admitted in a Toronto courtroom during the trial of denier Ernst Zundel. (link below provided by  Jewish "denier" [i.e. truthteller] Paul Eisen, a brave, entirely decent and most honourable man, ex-Head of English at a North London Comprehensive, 
7) There are no contradictions between the official Auschwitz records, the Red Cross records (allowed into camps, including Auscwitz) and the Bletchley Park intercepts that interrupted communications between the camps and the German High Command during the relevant period. If such contradictions occurred we would know all about them, one must surely agree. (Bletchley Park records are available for reading in Russell Square)
8) David Cole (Jewish researcher) Auschwitz Documentary:

We are either honest or we are not. We either care about each other and the Jewish people or we do not. 

Jesus Christ was right about everything.

* That genuine and diabolical horror, the WW2 slaughter of Jews, was carried out as acts of revenge against people held responsible for the crimes against Soviet peoples by the (predominently Jewish) Bolshevik leadership. The Bolsheviks slaughtered millions of Christians, particularly the middle-class/educated ones, who might have organised opposition against the new regime. When the German army temporarily (it turned out) took over previously Soviet territories the local populations often took bloody revenge against all Jews in their areas. Sometimes the German military was directly involved in these crimes.

The Germans, who had in the earlier stages been easily winning WW1, understood that their own banking classes had turned against them and withheld funds causing loss of vital supplies and, ultimately, defeat. They came, after the war, to realise that this happened as a result of the Balfour Declaration and the promise of a Jewish homeland, which also brought a previously impartial America into WW1. The defeat and subsequent economic horrors visited on Germany after the war was the driver of the Nazi policy, openly stated, to expel all Jews from Germany. The cause was perceived betrayal and the motive was, again, revenge.

** There is a small error in this document. Mr Cavendish-Bentinck was head of 'The British Political Warfare Executive' not head of 'The British Psychological Warfare Executive'.


Wednesday, 29 August 2018


On a site called "loonwatch"* there is a fascinating exposee of the political and financial history of one Maajid Nawaz, head of The Quilliam Foundation and LBC radio phone-in host. 

The detail revealed in this article is surprising, to say the least. Nawaz's Quilliam income is tracked up to the end of 2015, his donors into 2017. The record stops there, missing the largest boost to the Nawaz finances. He struck gold in 2018 when The Southern Poverty Law Centre handed over a "settlement" of $3.375 million for libelling Mr Nawaz and his Foundation. Apparently they had called him "a racist". But, seeing that the SPLC funds organisations like Quilliam, maybe this was really just a gift from a donor.

Apart from the loot that has found its way into Mr Nawaz's pockets, the most surprising information in the article is the way he 'flipped' from being an Islamic extremist in the early 2000s to a berater and sworn enemy of the same extremism from late 2006 or so onwards.

Here is the reported outpouring of our friend Maajid on 22nd October 2006:

”The crimes of the Israel people! I want to ask you all a question! Who is it, the Israelis or the Palestinians who break the bones of children? WHO BREAKS THE BONES OF CHILDREN!? WHO BREAKS THE BONES OF CHILDREN!? WHO BREAKS THE BONES OF CHILDREN!? WHO BREAKS THE BONES OF CHILDREN!? Who destroys the houses upon the heads of people? Who destroys the houses upon the heads of people? WHO DESTROYS HOUSES UPON THE HEADS OF MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN!? Who invades and occupies every single piece of land from around us? ”

By April 2008 Nawaz had launched The Quilliam Foundation and has become fully dedicated to fighting Muslim extremism.

"What on earth is going on here?", it is fair to ask. 

We know that Nawaz had spent some time in an Egyptian prison after he was arrested and sentenced to 5 years for "terrorist" activities. He had been a spokesman and recruiter for Hizb-ut-Tahrir, an organisation banned in Egypt. Most interestingly, at his trial he was represented by Sadiq Khan, now the Mayor of London.

Because of the extreme disjuncture between Nawaz's political thinking before and after his 'conversion', it is fair and rational to suppose that there was no 'conversion' at all ...

... that this narrative is false

Morally committed people really do not flip-flop in this absurd manner. Personally, I have never seen nor heard of such a thing except in cases of ego collapse and sincere repentance before God. Nawaz does not fit this template.

What is much more likely is that he was recruited by MI6 at university and was an Intelligence Service asset from day one of his political activities. 

A very important element in the activities of such organisations is to "lead the opposition" as Lenin averred. Thus Nawaz began his soaring career by joining Hizb-ut-Tahrir as an MI6 infiltrator. When that project went sideways for Mr Nawaz another deep state asset, Mr Khan, was sent to help him. In spite of our Mayor's best efforts Maajid languished in prison until his case was taken up by Amnesty International (you know, the organisation that supports 'The White Helmets") and he was mercifully released before the end of his sentence.

Going by the Al Quds Day quote above, Maajid Nawaz obviously continued playing the role of extremist when he got back to Blighty but at some point he or head office thought up a better use for this silver-tongued lizard. Quilliam was born and the rest is history.

Maajid Nawaz is but one of many, many such media operators/political class owned by the Deep State/Intelligence Services. 

It is quite possible that he was initially motivated, in part at least, by the desire to prevent people from his own Islamic community resorting to terrorism against their hosts. A noble intention.

He should take care though. Acting on an identical humanitarian impulse did not work out so well in the end for one Mohammed Siddique Khan.

PS Here is Nawaz in action on LBC giving hell to a "disgusting racist" while using the same techniques as James O'Brien (and most of the rest of the LBC presenters) to press home (sigh) a typical message.

* It is difficult not to suspect that the "loonwatch" piece was written by scribblers working for the Security Services themselves. Who else would have access to such details regarding Nawaz's history? There is an exercise enacted by the Satanic (for this is what is is) Deep State called "The Revelation of the Method" whereby a necessary element in all Black Magic directed against persons is that they must be informed about what is being done/going to be done to them in order that: 
a) responsibility for outcomes is transferred to the target of the Black Magic, (i.e. ourselves) and 
b) that the success of the magic will inflict a magnified sense of helplessness in those who understand what is being done to them but are powerless to stop it. 

This operation was enacted re 9/11 ... Neo's passport in the 'Matrix' , 'X-Files' episode "The Lone Gunman" ... and more.


Tuesday, 28 August 2018



The reaction of Zionist racists to the lifelong war Jeremy Corbyn has waged against racism in general and the racism of the Israeli state in particular is to accuse him of ... wait for it ...  racism.

If this doesn't prove an absence of a sense of irony, it is hard to imagine what does. 

By calling it "English" irony did Corbyn mean 'genteel' and 'understated' ... in truth there are such things as national characteristics. The English, as they were once perceived, were noted for their reserve and 'stiff upper lip'. 
By any traditional measure the self-induced hysteria of almost the entire Jewish community (and their ex-Chief Rabbi, Jonathan Sacks)is very, very UN-ENGLISH. 
Therefore, to throw oneself into paroxysms of outrage in response to Corbyn's mild, well earned (and obviously rather exasperated) rebuke is, to any impartial eye, simply comical.

It is painfully familiar Jewish solipsism writ large. Narcissism on stilts. A child's panicky tantrum when it thinks it might have lost something important, like ... umm, England?

Zionists cannot bear the idea that a national leader of significance might attempt to hold Israel to the same humanitarian standards of International Law as everyone else. 

It has come to something when all they can (try to) get him on is the very crime of which the whole civilised world accuses themselves. 

The fact that anyone, ANYONE, takes this demented war on Corbyn seriously should tell us all we need to know about the diseased condition of our political reality. The funded political class in Parliament and the media are whores to their masters' money. The discourse, the newspapers, the radio phone-ins have given us wall-to-wall denigration of Jeremy Corbyn for months now. This will not end.

What all this demonstrates is the following:

The rulers of 'The West' (and beyond) are, as we know, ardent Zionists. Israel is the elite's instrument for advancing their global agenda in Asia. These people want global governance with themselves in charge. They do not even care about Israel. Any country at war with nearly all its neighbours cannot survive. Kissinger is reported as saying that in 2022 Israel "will not exist". Neither do they care about ordinary Jews. WW2 proved that. Hitler was funded by Zionist bankers in the USA and the UK.

Zionist bankers WON World War Two. This is obvious. They were almost immediately handed the land of Palestine. Then the second-class Jews these Zionist overlords had sacrificed (the elite Jews all escaped early) were used to add a new weapon to their arsenal, a world religion, 'Holocaustianity', the religion of (literally) 'The Fiery Sacrifice'. The mass media have worshipped at this Satanic altar to the point where anyone who doubts the nightmare fantasies dreamed up to serve the new God is (even though they speak the absolute truth) a devil, a heretic ... who in many countries will be and has been, by the thousand, put in jail. 

Zionists own the banks. They own almost all of the large Corporations. They own the media. They own our governments. 

Zionists won the war, geddit?

At the centre of the diabolical Imperial web is the Rothschild banking cartel. These are the people who "say they are Jews but are not"

Zionism, the Jewish people, the political class, the media and all who believe the enslaving lies these fiends tell us ..... everyone who believes the lies will serve these Satanic dogs and be, wittingly or unwittingly, instruments of a diabolical will. 

Do not trust authority. Do not swallow lies. Do not co-operate in their project. 

We are in a spiritual war that is accelerating towards a major crisis.

Do not be angry. It's tough, but anger feeds the beast. Anger will lose. 

We must Pray for our neighbours, pray for those we are told are our enemies, pray for the political class that their delusions will fall away and they will begin to stand together for truth in their working environment ...

... and pray for the Jewish people that they might discover a sense of irony 

That would be a good start.


Wednesday, 1 August 2018



"I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness." Max Planck.

"Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real."   Niels Bohr.

"As regards mind, I am fully convinced that it has a central place in the ultimate nature of reality." John Stewart Bell.

Consciousness cannot be accounted for in physical terms. For consciousness is absolutely fundamental. It cannot be accounted for in terms of anything else.”   Erwin Schrodinger:

"The universe could only come into existence if someone observed it. It does not matter that the observers turned up several billion years later. The universe exists because we are aware of it." Martin Rees.

The “Simulation” Model of Reality

The geniuses who created Quantum Physics realised that the anomalies their theory threw up had to be of profound significance.

Example 1) The “double slit” experiment, the results of which (a 'striped' interference pattern) were explained by the effects of the interaction of two coherent (identical) particles that had passed through the slits, produced (astoundingly) the same pattern when only one particle at a time was allowed to pass through the slits. Furthermore, the observed wave-like behaviour collapsed the wave into a particle if an observer recorded which slit the individual particles passed through.

In other words, consciousness appears to play a defining role in the manifestation of physical reality.

Example 2) Quantum 'entanglement'. There are 4 different ways that pairs of 'entangled' particles can be created, but the point is that after such a pair has been created imposing any change on one of the particles will instantaneously change the quantum state of the other even if it is at the other end of the universe. Many physicists, including Einstein, could not accept this quantum hypothesis (that has been experimentally demonstrated to be true many times over the past 50 years). It is easy to see why; because if the phenomenon is real then, by our ordinary thinking, if such instant communication over extraordinary distances occurs then a fundamental supposition central to all modern physics, that nothing can travel faster than light, must be false …

OR either space or time or both cannot be real.

The “Simulation Model” of reality posits that our reality (and every other experiential reality) is virtual, i.e. that the only thing that really exists is consciousness and that what we experience as material reality is a program, like a video game, to which our consciousness is connected through an avatar (our physical body) and in which we are thoroughly immersed whilst undergoing this human experience.

Many thinkers going back to René Descartes have posited this model. Currently, the individual most energetically promoting it is physicist Tom Campbell whose “My Big T.O.E. (theory of everything) trilogy spells out his version of the theory. There are many presentations discussing the Simulation model on YouTube by various academics including Tom's talk to scientists at the US Space and Rocket Centre in Huntsville, Alabama. It is clear that he is finding that many professional scientists are prepared to accept his theory, as exchanges in the room confirm.

Because for me, as a Physics graduate, this model offers (at last) a coherent explanation of previously impenetrable quantum anomalies, it has got to be the most credible theory out there. Furthermore, it offers a 'big picture' that encompasses physics, metaphysics, philosophy and also most reasonable and welcome speculation about the purpose of the larger consciousness (which he calls "Absolute Unified Oneness" or "The Big Computer" but which we have traditionally called "God") in creating the virtual realities in which itself and its created conscious entities (that's us folks) can experience and evolve itself/ourselves.

As the number of professional scientists who support this theory increases, the credibility of the outright materialists (Dawkins, Cox, Attenborough et al.) who are selected to promote “scientific” materialism in the public domain will wane and their refusal to engage with the issue (all heresies unacceptable to the elite are suppressed by denying them the oxygen of publicity) will make their positions untenable.

When the common perception is that there really is no material universe. There is no space. There is no time. Our material experiences are part of a collective illusion created for our consciousness to experience …. with the purpose of improving itself …. when this is perceived to be our reality by significant numbers of the population, then materialists and the materialist-selfish-religion (Satanism/Luciferianism) that dominates in the corridors of power and in the public domain … will be defeated.

Furthermore, those that support (heartily or with reservations) this religious/political system will withdraw that support.

The Luciferian whisperers will slide away. Satanic masters will run for cover. Demonic criminals will look around desperately for some new fiend to obey. Worshippers of Horus, Baal, Moloch and other Satanic effigies will know their time is up. Freemasonry will scurry from the light into any holes it can find. The Jewish people recognising the lies under which they have been submerged will, in contradiction to their Talmudic Rabbis, do that forbidden thing. Self-reflect. They will look their religion full in the face and recognise that the founding Talmudic principle (and the core principle relating to recognised membership of the State of Israel), that only Jews are recognised as human* is an evil lie. 

Like the first Jews who heard Him, they will recognise the voice of the Divine creator and, at last, follow Christ.
Then the primary purpose of “The Chosen People” (to fulfil the purpose of the Creator) will be completed.

The Purpose of the Creator?

The Creator designed this program in which we are intended to improve the quality of our consciousness by facing and overcoming stress and opposition, as though we were inhabiting a spiritual gymnasium. Only the Creator can win this 'game' via those that do themselves a spiritual favour and work to follow the Divine commandments. The outcome of the battles in this virtual world is INEVITABLE. 
God cannot lose. 
The Divine victory comes via our will to recognise and serve the divine in ourselves. For some reason the (seemingly self-selected) Jews are central in this game. They will win their spiritual war the way we all have to win ours; by recognising our own selfishness, justifications and real opposition to the will of the Creator and change appropriately. 

We do not do this actively by our own power. We are a source of nothing. 

Like our natural senses (touch, hearing etc) spirit comes into** our virtual body from outside (to use a spatial metaphor). To experience the ecstatic kingdom within we must get ourselves out of the way, which is hard for anyone to do but can somehow happen if a mysterious alchemy of misfortune/good fortune visits the willing avatar. For those who have experienced such a visitation all, it appears, we can do is to witness to the fact. For this witness the magical powers that might compel belief in another have yet to materialise. Maybe this is something to do with the necessary freedom that is a fundamental element of every consciousness.

           * Only Jews are human. Non-Jews are not human.
                         —BT Bava Metzia 114b. BT Kerithoth 6b and 58a.

I have talked with angels about the conjunction of heaven with the human race, and I said that, while the man of the Church declares that all good is from God, and that angels are with man, yet few believe that angels are conjoined to man, still less that they are in his thought and affection. To this the angels replied that they know that there is such a belief and even such a mode of speaking in the world, and especially, to their surprise, within the Church, where yet there is the Word to teach men about heaven and its conjunction with man.

Nevertheless, there IS such a conjunction that man is unable to think the least thing apart from the spirits adjoined to him, and on this his spiritual life depends. They said that the cause of ignorance of this matter is man's belief that he lives from himself, without a connection with the Creator of life; and that he does not know that this connection exists by means of the heavens; and yet if that connection were broken man would instantly fall down dead.
If man believed, as is really true, that all good is from the Lord and all evil from hell, he would not make the good in him a matter of merit nor would evil be imputed to him; for he would then look to the Lord in all the good he thinks and does, and all the evil that inflows would be cast down to hell whence it comes. But because man does not believe that there is any influx into him either from heaven or from hell, and so supposes that all the things that he thinks and wills are in himself, and therefore from himself, he appropriates the evil to himself, and the inflowing good he defiles with merit.”
          Emanuel Swedenborg, ‘Heaven and Hell’ §302


Friday, 1 June 2018



Dear all,

I've just started the petition described below. Please read the following and sign. 

If the petition reaches 100, 000 signatures then the government will respond and the issue must be considered for debate in Parliament.

In 2003 Postal votes were counted separately before being included in the total count. Many involved commented at the time that there were serious and anomalous differences between the postal ballots and votes cast on the day, particularly in marginal consituencies where postal votes overwhelming favoured Blair's New Labour party. 

This embarrassment was "corrected" by government introducing a corrective protocol (that postal and ordinary ballot papers MUST BE MIXED TOGETHER BEFORE COUNTING) after that election.

Thus was created our current system, a situation that might be fairly described as an open door to fraud.

Currently it is impossible to know if election results in the UK have any integrity whatsoever. To imagine that the establishment, via MI5, would not indulge in manipulation in order to create a desired outcome would be very naive indeed.

Supporters of Labour and Jeremy Corbyn, particularly, should recognise that their man would be an obvious target if he still leads the Party in 2020. Brexiteers also have plenty to be concerned about if a new vote on the issue is forced on the public.

This is obviously a serious matter and the petition demands a return to the old system of separate counting of postal votes in order that any attempt by any interested party to cheat or corrupt the system might stand some chance of being exposed.

Having just signed the petition "Publish the postal vote count separately at elections and referendums"  could I ask you to add your name too.

This campaign, if successful could have a very positive impact on what we understand as the democratic process. The more support we can get behind it, the better chance we have of succeeding. You can read more and sign the petition here:

Thank you!


P.S. IMPORTANT: Can you also share the petition with others? It's really easy – all you need to do is forward this email or share this link on Facebook or Twitter:

NIGEL FARAGE on Postal Voting Fraud (LBC Radio)