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On 6th April 2020 Boris Johnson was severely ill with Coronavirus and taken to St. Thomas's Hospital, just across the river from the Houses of Parliament. The very next day he was placed in the Intensive Care ward.

Two days later, on Maunday Thursday 9th April 2020, the last day of the solemn period of Christian observance we call 'Lent', Boris Johnson was released from Intensive Care.

On Sunday 12th May he went home. Apparently, according to Johnson, "it could have gone either way".

France24 produced a timeline of Johnson's lockdown scandals.

It makes interesting reading. The list is as follows: 


May 15th, May 20th, June19th, November 13th, November 27th, December 14th, December 15th, December 18th


April 16th

The thing that is worth noting is that the time between Johnson leaving Intensive Care (9th April) and his first "scandal" (15th May) is THIRTY-FIVE DAYS.

I put it to you, your Honour, that Mr Johnson's lack of concern about protecting the good health of his close colleagues in Downing Street demonstrates that he knows that the "science" behind the severe COVID restrictions is (as the say in Oxford) a load of absolute boll*x.

He didn't believe a word of it.

It is also impossible to believe that Johnson was ever severely ill and potentially close to death.

If he had been, he and his staff would have adhered to the rules ... just in case.

The "Intensive Care" episode was a STUNT.

Johnson, who is no fool, understands* politics and knew that the whole pandemic was not what it was claimed to be and, like millions of the rest of us who recognise bullshit when we see it, he ignored the stupid rules.

The great mass of order-followers who followed the rules now feel betrayed by Johnson and maybe they were. 

But they do not understand what Johnson understands ... that it is a senior politician's job to lie to his people. 

... as an aside ...

Using parliament as an analogy, Luciferians (deceivers) should be seen as the Creator's loyal opposition. They are there to help us all grow up (I'm not sure Boris Johnson precisely shares this point-of-view, but it is mine and it is amusing to speculate about the manner in which BJ manages hold opposing viewpoints as true at the same time) ...

It is also worth noticing that for the past weeks the media have made an endlessly huge deal of Johnson's 'Penalty Charge Notice' violations. Public outrage is being stoked for all it is worth. It is even possible that Johnson will be brought down by his unfortunate "slice of birthday cake".

Why is this happening? Two obvious reasons, I think:

1) Hours of prime TV and Radio time gets filled with the hysteria of the angry and the broken-hearted while serious issues relating to the West's role in manufacturing WW3 out of the Ukraine crisis is ignored.

2) Rulers are concerned that the public might get the idea that if Johnson can break the rules, so can they. This is a very, very serious matter because severe rules will return and obedience must be mandatory and seen to be mandatory. Power is about controlling the minds of the greater number. To those in charge (and that ain't BoJo) this matters. A lot.

* Piers Corbyn tells the story of how when Johnson worked for the Daily Telegraph he would ring him up to find out what the Climate-Change thingy is all about. Piers explained that human-generated CO2 is about one part in 60,000 of the earth's atmosphere and the whole thing is politically-driven nonsense the purpose of which is to control the mass mind and future human behaviour.

Johnson understands the Climate scam very well according to PC.


Wednesday, 13 April 2022



During this calm before the storm the globalist deep state is preparing frantically for myriad diabolical outcomes.


For the people of Shanghai the horrors are already here. The city has been under total lockdown since March 28th. People are screaming from their houses and flats into the void, "We are starving".

Those who try to escape are rounded up and placed in detention facilities.

With the entire population (excepting enforcers) prevented from working, all factories are shut down and there are literally thousands of container ships and oil tankers stuck out at sea and in the approaches to this massive city. Shanghai is clearly now functionally dead. Watch this presentation by Monkey Werx US (location of trapped shipping displayed from 12:37):

The pretext for these horrors is, wouldn't you know, COVID. 

Family pets are being rounded up and killed, just in case they are COVID "transmitters" (or, perhaps, because starving people will use them as something to eat?)


A big new meme has entered the public domain from "conspiracy"/QAnon-type sources. Apparently, the COVID vaxx was modelled on snake venom and now the deadly killer proteins are being sneaked into our water supplies. The cunning presentation of pseudo-science has caused too many people to take this psy-op seriously.

For a start, snake venom is harmless if swallowed by a human and only deadly when injected into the bloodstream so the water scare is obvious nonsense. Clif High deals with the issue here


The Monkey Werx video above shows some of the ongoing build-up of US military forces in Western Europe. Many other analysts are predicting a much larger war developing in the coming months. One thing is certain. Neither western leaders nor their puppet Zelensky has made the slightest effort to create a peaceful solution to the Ukraine war but this should be no surprise to anyone. Peace has been prevented and all previous treaties with Russia [Istanbul (1999), Astana (2010) and Minsk] have been broken determinedly by 'our' side, that is clearly not 'our' friend any more than it is Russia's (or Ukraine's).


This operation has been predicted as part of the 'Great Reset' sequence for years by many commentators, including 'Ice Age Farmer'. Monkey Werx (above) suggests a timeline for the appearance of serious shortages in the west.


Former CDC Director Robert Redfield has stated that Bird Flu will jump to humans and cause high fatalities in the coming "great pandemic" for which COVID-19 will be seen as a mere warm-up.

OTHER MAJOR CRISES are also in the works. The architects of 'The Great Rest' have told us to expect a total "cyber collapse" and all money becoming digital and, therefore, trackable. Such a total reset of the world economy will require collapse of the dollar and other currencies.


The insanity of what is happening in Shanghai cries out for explanation. Surely there is some sense to it. Literally imprisoning and starving an entire population "to protect them" makes zero sense. 

This operation is also going to cause immeasurable damage to world trade even if the Chinese government call off the horrors today.

What is the chance that mass deaths in Shanghai will soon grace billions of western TV screens? Then, as with Wuhan, will we too be visited by the most severe preventative measures, including similar imprisonment in our own homes to, sigh, "keep us safe".

Then, as people die in numbers, 'Bird Flu' will be blamed while the media will lambast "conspiracy theorists" who say that what is happening is unnatural and government-generated. The political class will then focus on the faction of the conspiracy-loon plants who say we have all been poisoned by snake venom proteins injected into our water supplies.

This is likely to be the directions in which our minds will be pointed when the true horrors begin in the west.

And make no mistake about it.

They're coming.


1) Do not believe anything the political class says without thoroughly checking out the facts for yourself.

2) Do not obey any order coming from central government until you have completed 1).

Begin to understand that when engaging with Satanic power:


... with one refining consideration when forced to engage with real, committed fiends:

"Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves. Be ye therefore as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves." (Matthew 10:16)



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7/7 Repost: Fair questions for Any British M.P.

London-bombings. Click to enlarge

“There is no safety for honest men except by believing all possible evil of evil men.” — Edmund Burke
“Power always thinks it has a great soul and vast views beyond the comprehension of the weak.That is the deep root of the combination of savagery and self-righteousness that infects the imperial mentality — and in some measure, every structure of authority and domination.”—- US President John Adams
“The two enemies of the people are criminals and government”— Thomas Jefferson

On the 10th anniversary of the 7/7 Bombing here is a reminder that the inconvenient facts relating to this day have not been mentioned, never mind discussed, in the mainstream media.
We must guard against becoming weary of repeating doubts (and certainties) relating to the ongoing false-flag outrages that continue to define our political present and fashion our futures. We are not as helpless as we might sometimes be tempted to think.
I visited my MP, Gavin Barwell (Con., Croydon Central) to raise the following questions. Having discussed various highly dubious and damaging-if-false assertions that are allowed to persist unchallenged in the public domain, I left him the document below with a request that he get back to me with whatever answers to the seven questions he could unearth.
He said he would look into the issues but has (unsurprisingly) failed to respond.
Nonetheless, it is surely continues to be a worthwhile exercise to make our representatives aware of the astonishing anomalies associate with the official 7/7 narrative.
Please read the following and continue to circulate these details, which conflict severely with the official narrative of the day. Please copy, print and post (or email) to your local M.P. and demand answers.
The ‘London Bombings’ and the lies we have been told about 7/7 must never be allowed to disappear from public consciousness. If the state believes it can safely lie to us about such matters, it will believe it can get away with absolutely anything.


Three Holes in the Floor of the Edgware Road Carriage

Evidence was given by different witnesses, including the train driver (Ray Whitehead), that clearly describe three large separate holes in front of two different sets of doors in the Edgware Road carriage. People fell into all three holes. Two emerged from the holes . One died in the third hole. The original report on the Edgware Road explosion (from Mark Honigsbaum of the Guardian who was on the train) had the train lifting off the tracks and being derailed (i.e. bomb(s) underneath the train). The driver described all the access panels in the floor of the first coach (the bomb(s) killed people in the second carriage) being ‘flipped open’ from underneath.
References to evidence: Ray Whitehead (Nov 16 pm, 58:9-15) Daniel Belsden (Nov 11 am, 9:13-22) David Matthews (Nov 17, am, 105:21-106:18) John McDonald  (Nov 9, 42:18 – 44:11). Find all here at http://7julyinquests.independent.gov.uk/


In what way is any of this compatible with a single suicide ‘suicide bomber’ carrying a rucksack full of black pepper and hydrogen peroxide?
Body Count reveals no Bombers
The First Official Body Count on Two of the Trains was One Body Short.
At the 7/7/ Inquest in November 2010 Dr. Morgan Costello gave evidence that he was asked to attend two scenes, Edgware Road and Aldgate, for the ‘purposes of certifying the extinction of life’. He counted six bodies at Edgware Road and seven bodies at Aldgate and declared these as ‘life extinct’. The enormous anomaly, that passed completely unreported in the press, was that the numbers should have been seven and eight if we count the bodies of the bombers. No similar count seems to have been carried out on the other (Russell Square ) train but we do know a little about the behaviour of the Russell Square bomber, Germaine Lindsay, before his demise.


Are not these two body counts extraordinarily powerful evidence that there were no suicide bombers on the Aldgate and Edgware Road two trains?
Evidence presented to the Inquest did claim that Tanweer and Khan were blown into a large number different pieces by their bombs……but how would this be consistent with the fact that almost all the other serious injuries in those coaches were lower limb injuries to feet and legs?

The Explosives

Here is a timeline for the 7/7 explosives narrative as it developed:
The first analysis came from a genuine expert. This is surely the most reliable commentary on the nature of the bombs that went off that morning. The problem is that it would have been all-but-impossible for four young men from Leeds to get their hands on such materials.
On 12 July 2005, Superintendent Christophe Chaboud, chief of French anti-terrorism Coordination Unit who was in London assisting Scotland Yard with its investigation, confirmed to The Times that,‘The nature of the explosives appears to be military, which is very worrying….the material used were not homemade but sophisticated military explosives …’ (Nafeez Ahmed The London Bombs, p.24)
On 13th July it was stated that these were of ‘C4’ explosive….London explosives have military origin – [Science Daily. LONDON, July 13 (UPI)]: Forensic scientists told the newspaper the construction of the four devices detonated in London was very technically advanced, and unlike any instructions that can be found on the Internet.’
From The Independent on July 14th: ‘A bath filled with explosives has been found at a house in Leeds that was the “operational base” for the London suicide bombers
17th July 2005 The Observer: ‘22 lbs TATP in the bath.’
The TATP story survived but faded away in 2007 then, when the 7/7 Kingston trial came along in the summer of 2008 all trace of the TATP story had gone.
Now the explosives were made of black pepper and hydrogen peroxide. The idea of the four heating up Hydrogen Peroxide in their kitchen to the point where it would make an explosive mix with black pepper is simply laughable. How could they test that their ‘bombs’ were going to go off. Were they going to go lurching across the country with this kind of bomb sloshing about in their rucksacks. Has anybody ever made a bomb out of this mixture? If such a bomb did explode could it possibly have caused the devastation created on 7/7?
There is much written online that mocks these materials as potential tools of mass destruction. Do we not require a Public Inquiry on this issue alone. The changing storyline above surely makes no sense at all.


How would four inexperienced Muslims have known how to reduce the hydrogen peroxide to the right concentrations safely?
Why was no chemical analysis of the blast burns inside the carriages carried out? 
….more seriously

Why No Post-Mortems?

Another astonishing fact that emerged during the 2010-11 7/7 Inquest was that no post mortems were carried out on the bodies of the victims. A very great deal about the nature of and distance from the explosions could have been discovered from such examinations. The effects of different explosives on flesh are well-known. Such post-mortems would have provided some definitive information that would have at least ruled out some possible explosives from consideration as the source material of the blasts. What could possibly explain such an oversight other than the desire to avoid creating conflicts with a fabricated narrative.


 Why were there no post-mortems on any of the victims? (definitive information about the explosives could have been gained from such investigations)

Why Suicide?

Moving on to another very obvious (but irresolvable) question: why would terrorists who wished to wreak havoc and punish British people for the UK’s involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan choose to blow themselves up along with their victims? These were very crowded trains. They could have set a timed detonator and quietly slipped off the trains a stop or two early, leaving their bags on the floor amongst the feet of dozens of incurious passengers. Where would have been the risk in that? Surely such activists would better serve their cause by continuing and not terminating their mission?
Another obvious question:


The alleged 7/7 bombers at Luton station. Click to enlarge

The alleged 7/7 bombers at Luton station. Click to enlarge

Why, in the most CCTV-rich environment on earth, is there so little footage of the four available? Why is it that the few pictures that are available mostly contain no other identifiable persons that could confirm the accuracy and veracity of these pictures? Surely it should have been possible to construct a water-tight case against the four from the CCTV alone?


There were four uncannily accurate drills (or rehearsalscarried out before the 7/7 bombings:
1) The BBC Panorama ‘management exercise’ programme of May 2004 during which a panel of ‘managers’, including Peter Power (see below) and Michael Portillo, discussed how they would deal with a terror attack on London that revealed itself to them through mock news reports as the show progressed. The scenario they had to deal with turned out to be one overground and 3 underground explosions taking place over a short space of time during the morning rush hour.
2) The contemporaneous 7/7 drill: on 7/7 itself Peter Power conducted a terror drill that shadowed the cataclysm as it happened – over the same three tube stations at more or less the same time. On the afternoon of 7/7 he was interviewed on Radio 5’s ‘Drivetime’ programme:
POWER: …at half-past nine this morning we were actually running an exercise for, er, over, a company of over a thousand people in London based on simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations where it happened this morning, so I still have the hairs on the back of my neck standing upright!
3) Atlantic Blue: held over 5-8 April, 2005. All echelons of government participated in this large terror-drill. The Independent reported after July 7th that “By an extraordinary coincidence, all the experts who formulate such plans are together in a meeting at the headquarters of the London Ambulance Service – and they are discussing an exercise they ran three months ago that involved simulating four terrorist bombs going off at once across London.”
4) Operation Hanover: London’s police hold a little-known yearly terror-drill. On 2005 it just happened to be held on 1-2 July. Its game-plan was threefold: three ‘simultaneous’ bomb attacks on three underground stations. The police have been reticent about discussing this astounding precursor event, mere days before 7/7. They only revealed it in 2009.


What is the probability that practice drills should be going on in exactly the same stations at exactly the same time as surprise terrorist attacks occur?

Germaine Lindsay, cool and then confused

Germaine Lindsay drove from Aylesbury to meet the other (let’s call them) bombers in Luton railway station. He arrived an hour before them and decided to take a little nap. He received a parking ticket while asleep in his car. Were he a terrorist he obviously would have known that he would have had only four hours left to live.
Germaine Lindsay was one extraordinarily relaxed suicide-bomber.
A station attendant called Mr. Patel gave testimony to the Inquest that a man he identified as Germaine Lindsay arrived on the concourse of King’s Cross station and asked to talk to “The Duty Manager”. He said it was, “Very important.” Mr Patel remarked that it was very unusual for a member of the public to know the exact name for the person in charge of the station. Normally people asked for ‘the supervisor’ or ‘the manager’. At this time there was chaos on the concourse. The metal grills had been pulled down and shut at the front of the station. Passengers were not being allowed through the barriers. A crowd had built up and people were starting to abuse staff. Numbers of ‘Community Support Officers’ who looked like police were milling around the area trying to manage the situation. No wonder Lindsay was confused. He must have decided to try to speak to someone who ‘was in on the game’ to explain to him what was going on. The most obvious explanation of his behaviour is that it would have puzzled and alarmed him that the drill had started before he, ‘the bomber’, had caught their trains. Perhaps a chilling possibility occurred to him. When Mr. Patel returned with the duty manager Lindsay had gone.

And More

There are many, many other serious anomalies and matters requiring investigation in the official narrative.
1. Train Times
The train times presented huge problems for the official narrative causing the Home Secretary to change the story after it was realised that the 7.40 they were said to have caught had been cancelled. Then the next train arrived 23 minutes late at King’s Cross giving the bombers only three minutes to buy four RETURN tickets (think about that one), cross the track by bridge and board the last possible train that makes it just feasible they could have reached the bombed trains in time.
2. Khan
On the 5th July 2005, Mohammed Siddique Khan took his pregnant wife to Dewsbury Hospital in West Yorkshire. She was bleeding and there was obviously something wrong. Doctors examined Hasina Patel and said that there was a ‘threatened miscarriage’. They sent her home and booked her in for a scan on the 7th. Mrs Patel has never told the time they got home but afterwards Mohammed Khan said that he was ‘going to see his friends’. Hasina Patel never saw or heard from her husband ever again. She miscarried on July 6th . At the 7/7 Inquest there was ‘evidence’ (peculiar and surely untrustworthy) presented of a mobile phone text-message exchange between Khan and Germaine Lindsay at 4.35am on the morning of the 6th July. Would Khan really have abandoned his desperate wife for a whole day while she was in that condition? Khan was a highly respected in his community and by the headmistress of the special school in which he worked as a classroom assistant. The police had used him to mediate between rival gangs in local disputes. He was trusted by all sides. Hilary Benn had taken Khan on a tour of the House of Commons. He was not known to be politically radical. Quite the opposite. He was protective of the good name of his community and was eager to maintain good relations with the local white community. Bearing this in mind it is likely that the reason the police have film of Khan is that he was helping them ‘keep an eye on’ any worrisome Muslim elements in his locality. He was not a troublemaker, he was a healer and a fixer.
The most likely explanation for Khan’s disappearance on the 6th is that he told his minder for the 7/7 exercise that he was not going to be able to make it. . He would have been told to see that the others could make it without him. The bombings were not going to be called off but……now he had presented his minders with a problem that had only one possible solution. His goose was cooked.
This would also explain why the attendant at the filling station where Tanweer filled his car (and argued about the change he was given) said he only saw one other person in Tanweer’s car. Hasib Hussain alone (the bus-bomber) was in the car and, unknown to the pair of them, Khan was by now already dead. This would also explain why the now-suppressed BBC radio 5 news reports from the late morning of the seventh said that two men had been shot in Canary Wharf (rather than three, the supposed train bombers. Hussain had been separated from the others).
Those who have travelled to Beeston and spoken to locals report that, like Khan, Hussain and Tanweer had shown no inclination in their communities towards political or religious radicalism.

The Evidence against ‘The Four’

Looking at the detail of latest narrative laid out before the 7/7 Inquest, it must be admitted that it is now just physically possible that the four caught the last possible train at Luton and rushed from King’s Cross Thameslink to the various subway platforms before detonating their deadly cargos. However, their relaxed demeanour in the very few still photos presented as evidence militates against the probability that they were rushing about madly that morning (especially with all that liquid explosive slopping about on their backs).
Why too in the most CCTV-rich environment on earth are there only a couple of very poor pictures of the four, one at Luton, one at Thameslink, the date and time stamps on which could have easily been photoshopped. Could the photos of Khan have been used from the ‘practice run’ the four carried out on 29th June 2005, just eight days earlier?
The mobile phone evidence places them all on the correct train at the right time. Three things about this though. Firstly, this is new evidence that was not released in the previous 2006 hearing. Why? Second, is it likely that these men would have been texting each other on train they had all boarded together. Finally, this is the kind of evidence easily faked. It is letters and numbers on a piece of paper.
Khan and Tanweer could easily have been talked into making the Jihadi videos that have played such a large part in aiding the public to accept their guilt. They were employees, well-paid for two days work, the practice on June 29th and for the day itself. They were told that the exercise has to be made as realistic as possible. The film would be in the hands of the station staff and other authorities giving them a possible means of intercepting the four. The on-camera ‘threats’ from Khan and Tanweer are vague and unspecific. When Hasina Patel first saw these videos it was reported that she said, “That’s not my husband.” Her brother thought it was Khan. It is most likely that she meant, “ I know him. He would never say such things.”
The ‘bombers’ all had four or more mobile phones each; one of their own private phones and at least three other (so-called) ‘operational’ phones that they are supposed to have used to confound anyone who might attempt to track their communications and obstruct their diabolical plan. It is most likely that these phones were supplied by their minder and that their holding them allowed their ‘handlers’ to track Tanweer and Lindsay down in Canary Wharf after they had panicked and gone on the run, presumably (and naively) hoping to tell their story to the British press who are mostly based there.
Government sources might deny it but there are 2 competing narratives that describe what happened on 7/7/05
1) The official story of four suicide bombers murdering 52 people and injuring hundreds by exploding four bombs on three tube trains and one bus on the morning of 7/7.
2) Forces embedded within the establishment carried out a false-flag attack against the British people. As with nearly all false-flag events, patsies were set up to take the blame for the crime. The four Muslims were completely innocent actors paid to participate in a concurrent anti-terror ‘drill’.
In a court of law physical evidence always trumps excuses, allegations, observations or any other kind of verbal contribution to a case…..


Which of the above narratives more closely matches the facts of the case?


Friday, 11 March 2022



Having organised and funded the looting of Russia using Khazarian proxies, the City of London has now decided to prevent these proxies having access to their stolen billions.

The idea is clearly to encourage Russian oligarchs to decide it is time for Putin to go and to work together for his removal.


It can't be that he has invaded Ukraine. The puppet Zelensky's, violations of the Minsk Accord, his  encouragement of the Azov battalion's attacks on Donbass and his refusal to negotiate any deal guaranteeing Russia the security it believes it needs almost demanded Putin carry through on his threat against Ukraine.

So. The West (US/UK) clearly wanted this war. It will not tolerate the EU falling into Russia's orbit by becoming dependent on Russian energy.

Not while Putin is in charge, anyway.

Putin decided to live with the looting of Russian assets by oligarchs provided these individuals did not work against Russia from their luxurious bases in the west. He arrested and jailed the richest of them, Mikhail Khordakovsky, to demonstrate to the rest that having too many ideas of ones own is not a good idea if you want to hold on to your assets.

It is hard to guess at the full story. 

Superficially, it appears that Putin has rejected the NWO globalist agenda. Russia will not align with corrupt LGBTQ+ globohomo nonsense. 

Putin also seems to have built a team of nationalist Russian politicians around him and, knowing that the western globalist Khazarian mafia want to control Russia's enormous natural resources, he appears to be determined to protect Russia from the savage machinations of these psychopathic predators.

What is puzzling is the timing of the Ukraine war although, to be fair, the timing was not entirely under Russia's control.

The Ukraine war looks like COVID Mk.2 ... a continuation of the broad onslaught that humanity at large has been enduring for the past two years.

However, it is also looking like this crisis can (and probably will) deliver exactly what many commentators have been expecting over the coming weeks and months.

If Russian assets abroad are made to disappear then, quite obviously, Putin could:

1) Leave the dollar system, almost certainly causing total financial collapse in the west. i.e. destroying EVERYONE'S money.

2) Declare oligarchs' shares null and void and via some method or other redistribute ownership to friendly parties within Russia or simply nationalise said resources.

3) If Putin feels genuinely threated by the UK government's action he could, knowing where the attack is coming from, drop a nuke into the sea somewhere around the UK coast and put a large area of England underwater for a while at least.

4) He could carry out a cyber attack on the west and bring whole continents to a halt or ... the Intelligence Services could do it to their own people and blame Putin. Either way, Klaus Schwab gets his "cyber collapse".

5) ... not to mention something that is already happening. Russia has stopped exporting to the west, leading to shortages of fuels and food (Russia produces 30% of the world's wheat). Prices are skyrocketing on all fronts. Expect rationing in the UK to return in the coming months. (who remembers the food rationing cards of the 1950's? (I do. Just)


Hang on to your hats. A major war, financial collapse, internet collapse and food shortages is coming to a street near you very soon.

We are so going to need Johnson and his pals to take care of us when all this happens. But don't worry. They'll give us everything we need.

... provided we accept their long-planned digitised transaction/control system. 

The terrifying thing is that at this point most people will probably decide that slavery isn't such a bad idea.


This popped up on Hal Turner's (sometimes unreliable) site a couple of days ago:

 ... The Kremlin issued a statement late today: "FRIDAY EVENING WILL BE BEAUTIFUL FOR THE WHOLE WORLD." ....

What could be "beautiful for the whole world" in the eyes of the Kremlin? 

A couple of guesses:

1) Donald Trump announces he will run for President in 2024.

2) Putin and Lavrov announce to the world that they were recently married.

All is forgiven. WW3  now unnecessary.