Wednesday, 30 January 2019


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The great crime that was 9/11 was conceived and initiated by a matrix encompassing and (politically) led by the NeoCon think-tank that called itself the "Project for the New American Century". This organisation published a document entitled "Rebuilding Anerica's Defences" in which it openly recommended that the USA should pursue "total global military domination". The document also said that attending to such a goal would be difficult without, "... some catastrophic and catalysing event - like a new Pearl Harbour." 

(watch this excellent "9/11 War Promises" documentary)

As we all know, the Neocons got their 'new Pearl Harbour' and as a result young Americans were posted all over the Middle East to fight and die to establish this domination. But whose interests did all these wars serve? Certainly not the interests of the American people. 

As with the Bolsheviks in Russia, the NeoCons CARE NOTHING about the well-being of ordinary Americans. The Trump presidency has demonstrated clearly that these people HATE ordinary Americans.

This is so obvious it is not worth arguing the case.

The NeoCons are Trotskyists. They are neither Conservatives nor 'Democrats'. They are an alien force that infiltrated a political system and succesfully took it over.


Similarly in the UK and across the EU citizens are understanding that their own rulers are not concerned about the best interests of their own citizens. Senior politicians demonstrate that they are primarily interested in the globalist project they have been charged with imposing on their subject peoples.

Brexit, Les Gilets Jaunes etc. are manifestations of the public's growing awareness of this reality. 

There is no reverse gear to this process. Truth cannot be unlearned.

As with the Bolsheviks feelings towards ordinary Russians ...


They don't care about us AT ALL (except in as much as we are a potential threat to their own hegemony).

Not all ordinary politicians and media figures of the governing* (i.e. mind-controlling) 'priest class' understand this. Many are as brainwashed (and misinformed) as the majority of the people they represent.

But even some politicians and media commentators appear to be learning. 

The collective unconscious is shifting.


Full awareness to follow.

*govern- = control
-ment (from mens/mentis) = mind



  1. Kevin,

    Thanks again for your attempting waking up of the people and I respect, as usual everything that you've written.
    I've been doing a great deal of research and reading over the last 20 years and was opened up to the 'Jewish Quention' about 10 or so years ago now. I've made some startling discoveries, none more so than the fact that the KJV bible is possibly one of the first 'psy-ops'. As you may know, the letter 'J' in the English alphabet, didn't come into use until the 16th century. So all the references to 'Jew' in the bible are false, deliberately put in there to mislead. Much of the KJV's script has also been changed, making parts understandable. This, was done on purpose to mislead and of course, indoctrinate.
    The bottom line, Kevin is that the Jews (all Jews, not just the Ashkenazi) ARE not the Israelites, ARE not the Hebrews and have nothing to do with the Old Testament. The bible is predominantly the journey of the Israelites. The Jews have STOLEN the identity in order to deceive us and take what is not theirs and this is important, incredibly so. Ironically they ARE Edom and they are Gog and Magog as depicted in the bible.
    I'm not going to go on but will simply leave the following links for you to read. They are incredibly informing and I urge as many people as possible to read and pass it on to others in order to destroy the lies that the Jews have been foisting upon humanity for millennia. If more people see the truth and act upon it, the very new world order, being built by the Jews will come crashing to the ground, as people will, eventually realize that everything about them, who and what they are is a lie.

  2. The Pharisees/Orthodox Judaism appears to be exactly as Christ charged ... a satanic cult ... "Liars!", "Of Satan". It is more than likely anyone can join if one signs up to the evil agenda. It is lies on lies and bullshit on bullshit. They've got hold of the money though and made an imitation "Christ" of themselves collectively ... The thin g is that they, as a group, are more or less where they've always dreamt of being. They have taken over the topmost tier of most societies and yet ... yet ... still they cannot win. One effective ray of truth and it will all come crashing down for them because their mastery, and their whole religion, is matter of external not inner reality. Even the great majority of those that believe their lies have not been inwardly converted. People are deceived but not inwardly Satanic ...,. and this goes for the great majority of people who call themselves 'Jews' also.


    1. Spot on Richard. The "how it's done" of fake equality/humanitarianism. Thanks.

  4. The thing is though NOTVF the Jews, as we know have nothing to do with the bible whatsoever. The Jews, referred to within are Judeans, that is people who lived in Judea. It's like asking "what race and religion are New Yorkers?" You would clearly know that within New York there are a multitude of races and religious beliefs. Can you imagine how many different religions there were in Judea at the time of Christ? There was the Roman and Greek pantheons, Zoroastrianism, worshipers of Moloch, Baal, Remphan and goodness knows how many other deities from Mesopotamia and Sumeria and all over. We have been led to believe that these so called 'Jews' were worshipers of the Old Testament and Israelite descendants, when they were none of the sort. The Jews have, through their programming, managed to change the change the Israelites/Hebrews into Jews, which they most certainly are not.

    Judaism IS the worship of the self. Talmudism and the Kabbalah are the teachings of their religion. The very fact that Christ was foretold, to come from the Israelite line of Judah would mean that everyone, of the Israelite peoples would have accepted and acknowledged this. Not one would have ever contemplated harm or worse, murder upon the foretold Messiah. This in itself, clearly shows that these Jews (Judeans) had nothing to do with the Israelite line and were instead a ruling elite, controlling the money supply and promotion of a false religion over the Judean peoples.

    Again, Jews have taken upon the identity of a people they are not of and never will be. The Jews are NOT Hebrews and never have been. But today, ask anyone what a Jew is and they'll automatically state of the Israelites and therefore Hebrews. By changing certain words in the bible they have completely fooled the world. Judaism IS NOT an Abrahamic religion, far from it. Christianity is the only true Abrahamic faith. Judaism is a religion of self worship, of hatred, religious and ethnic supremacy over people who are not Jews. We are now, living under the Babylonian Talmudism and people are oblivious to see this.

    And as one of the links states, I gave you - "a Jew is essentially anyone who wishes to be so." You don't need any specific trait in order to be one, even though we're told otherwise. The stupidity that a Jew is one who's mother is Jewish is no different to a woman, deciding to join the cult of Jedi and her son, when born will also become one too. It's nonsense. The whole Jewish faith, sorry cult, is a joke, albeit an incredibly powerful one.
    I don't believe anything about Jewish history and the more I read the more proof there is.

    1. Judaism IS the worship of the self. Love things in a nutshell. Thanks.