Friday, 6 April 2018

Is Russia Genuinely Rejecting The Long-Established World System?


FSB (KGB) trainees in Russia are told that the governments of the world are overseen and take their orders from an unstructured (i.e. invisible) "Conceptual Power", an over-class of rulers whose traditions and methods can be traced back to the expulsion of Akhenaten from Egypt in c. 1335 B.C. The general system of world government has not changed since this time, asserts Professor Efimov Victor Alekseyevich addressing students in 2012.

The horrible thing about this narrative (laid out a bit more thoroughly below*) is that it rings true.

Many hundreds of millions of people realise today that their elected governments do not primarily represent their interests; that there is obviously a larger, more inscruteable agenda in play, one that has little to do with either the needs or desires of the ordinary citizen.

Considering recent Brexit chaos and the disordered and dangerous aggression of the UK government towards Russia, it might be of interest to try to analyse recent events as they might relate to the interests of this "Conceptual Power", would-be masters of our universe.

We know what this power wants. Fully-integrated hegemonic power over the entire planet; the openly declared "New World Order".

The big questions begged by the current crisis are: 

'has Russia rejected the world system that has been in place for the last 3000+ years?'
'is the current tension part of a theatre of faux-conflict deliberately being played out in order to set up a bi-polar 'New World Order?' 

....  as described in George Orwell's 1984 .... that is, a world composed of two totalitarian mega-power blocs of enslaved citizens under constant fictional threat from each other. i.e. is Russia writing a new script or is it part of the old performance?

I'm betting (and hoping) on the former. 
1) Putin's speeches are moderate, appear to be heartfelt and are sometimes amazing.
2) The poisonous hostility towards Putin exhibited by Jewish ex-oligarchs and those who acted as agents of western banks in the financing of those oligarchs ...e.g. the shameless liar and mega-crook Bill Browder (who is treated with the utmost respect and deference, like he was the Dalai Lama, by typical UK journalists such as BBC Newsnight presenters and silver-tongued LBC lizards James O'Brien/Maajid Nawaz).
3) Putin has a long history of meticulously respectful and upright behaviour as reported by western journalists who in the 1990s were amazed to come across a Russian player who did not demand 'rewards' for interviews, information etc. (of course, as ex-head of the KGB he will have been directly involved in some dark and murderous deeds on his way to the top).

However, there can be no knowing the answer to this conundrum. Nor can we know if there are divisions within this "Conceptual Power" itself. As a Mafia composed of the world's most accomplished racketeers, it is probably safe to assume that from time to time these people severely disagree with each other. It is also most likely that the only bond that really unites them is a collective dedication to Lucifer.

* The Russian interpretation of history appears to go something like this:

On becoming Pharaoh Ahkenaton, a megalomaniac who regarded himself as a God/God's representative, introduced a new monotheistic religion to Egypt. He dismissed the old establishment including the dominant priest-class. The old guard staged a military coup against him and expelled Akhenaton and his followers (which was the biblical 'Exodus'), many of the tribe of Joseph, into the Sinai desert where they spent 40 years wandering in exile.
Akhenaton was the figure the Jews/Christians today call Moses. Rewriting the history of the tribe, he invented the Jewish religion and was secretly supported by the Amun hierarchy, the new Egyptian government, as he established his new religion. They supplied Ashkenaton with food (mostly semolina, allegedly) which he delivered to his people as "Manna from heaven". The tribe was set up to be what is has always been, an intensively deceived and brainwashed political power-seeking money-magicking operation behind which the real masters can hide and operate safely.
I'm not saying all this is true, I'm saying that it appears to be the narrative disseminated within Russia today regarding historical political reality. "The Jews" have certainly been the most highly visible and consistent element of the ruling classes over the centuries. Therefore, 'The Jewish people' are tools of the real hidden elite rather than (necessarily) the elite itself. It makes sense that such a group of ultra-powerful predators governing humanity should set up such a system. This system offers multiple layers of defence .... the political class, the media, the 'holocaust' religion, the "anti-Semite" curse**,  the ordinary Jewish people, Jewish religious/community leaders ...

Ordinary Jews (and never the upper banking elite) have been the people who get thrown to the wolves when public anger against their government becomes uncontainable. 

It is clear that whoever you are, blind loyalty to one's masters is a very dangerous thing. However, is it possible that a country that encourages, or even allows, ideas like the above to proliferate, can possibly in the same team as societies in which the expression of such ideas is heretical and forbidden?

** this curse is "indispensible to us for the management of our lesser brethren" (Protocol 9) because it:
(i)  creates a taboo by identifying the target of the curse as "evil" as a "racist", and 
(ii) consolidates necessary group paranoia and loyalty amongst the "victim" group.



  1. Bi-polar world powers. Just like Coca Cola & Pepsi, Boeing & Airbus? Entirely possible that the old order is dying because its not just Russia, there's China. I don't think China gives a stuff about the old order and I don't believe these hidden powers would be happy at the collapse of the MSM or the fact that the financial system is bust or that China now sells its oil in yuan and that Russia, Iran and many others are ditching the US dollar & Petrodollar.

    The new order is a natural bond between Europe and Russia which the old order has tried to block. Then you have China's new Silk Road, this must be pissing off the US and Israel. Then you have MI6's 18 year war with Putin and of course, Brexit, because UK will be fringe player as Europe bonds with Russia and they bond with China leaving the bankrupts (US/UK) out in the cold. Are the Rothschild's doing all of this? Why is the US military collecting Russian DNA? The UK engineered 2 World Wars and they seem to be doing it again. Chinese leader now has lifetime job, why? Because MI6 was interfering in Chinese politics. Maybe there are Gods playing chess? While I believe most things are planned, there does seem to be a natural order of change beyond human control, assuming all humans are just that, humans.

    1. Thanks Carl. Love the last line. it is quite difficult to be sure of any assumptions, isn't it? Got to work with something though.

  2. The creatures who misrule us may think that they have it all wrapped up but the future is not written in stone. There are too many imponderables and it's virtually impossible for the controllers to predict every bounce of the ball. I believe that there is a change underway. A significant segment of the populations of the world are not blindly following the rules laid out for them any more. They are increasingly questioning the status quo. There is a natural order to our world and the perverse and destructive activities are leading to a backlash, not only from human society but from Nature herself. I am tentatively optimistic, although I don't doubt that there will be plenty of bloody chaos to come. We are, after all, dealing with truly evil psychopaths.

  3. The people whobhide behind the jews and pretend to be jews are, IMO Phoenicians. They were probably something else before that. They are real chameleons.